Mold Abatement and Fire Damage in Houston, TX

Oct 07, 2023

Mold Abatement and Fire Damage in Houston, TX

If you live in Houston and face problems like mold in your house or damage from a fire, it's really important to think about getting professional help. Mold is not just something dirty or ugly on your walls or ceilings. You might think cleaning it up with some soap and water will solve the problem. But mold is tricky. Even if you clean what you see, tiny parts of the mold can still be there and grow back quickly. That's where the professionals come in. They know exactly what to do to make sure all the mold is gone and won't come back. They have special tools and cleaners that most of us don't have at home.

Fire damage is another aspect which cannot be overlooked. If you've had a fire in your house, even a small one, it's not just about the things that got burned. Fire can leave behind smoke and soot that can get into everything, from your furniture to your clothes. The smell can be really strong and hard to get out. Plus, water used to put out the fire can cause even more problems, like making things wet and leading to mold. Professional fire damage services in Houston have teams that know all about these problems. They can clean up everything, fix what's broken, and ensure your house is safe to live in again.

A reliable mold and fire abatement service provider in Houston is Capital K Contractors. With services beyond our mold and fire restoration solutions, like remodels, roofing, painting, and even home additions, we can help you get a home that is completely new and healthy. In fact, you get a property that is augmented in value after we offer our services.

Houston, TX

Located in the heart of Texas, Houston stands tall as one of America's most expansive cities. Its vibrant tapestry is woven from the diverse cultures and backgrounds of its residents. When one mentions "Houston," thoughts often jet to the stars and space, given the city's iconic NASA Space Center. This renowned spot is where astronauts prepare and educate themselves for adventures beyond our planet.

But Houston isn't just about space. Dive into its culinary scene, and you're in for a treat. The city boasts a rich array of dishes, from mouth-watering tacos and fiery curries to fresh catches from the sea. And when it's time to celebrate, Houston knows how to throw a festival, bringing people together in dance, music, and, of course, food. Houston, in its essence, is more than its size or its landmarks. This warm city, with its vast heart, welcomes all who call it home or those just passing through.


What Our Customers Have to Say

Mr. Kahn did an extremely exceptional job! He is trustworthy, helpful, and very family oriented. He also gave professional advice in our decision making process. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to others interested in a contractor.

Betty Y.

Kal was professional and personable, arrived when he said he would, and completed the scope of repairs in a timely manner. The workmanship by his team was excellent. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to others.

Catherine D.

Recently remodeled my entire home. Kal has great business ethics and a good eye for high quality work. I plan to use him to build my 8 unit apartment complex.

Stephen W.

Kal and his crew just completed a kitchen, primary bath, floors and other projects in our home. The work was completed in a reasonable time. His crew showed up every day ready to work. Everything turned out beautiful. We will be calling him back for more projects. We definitely recommend him.

Susan V.

We had a great experience with Capital K Contractors. They installed our baseboards and were quick, professional, and did a great job. Highly recommended!


Capital K replaced our roof and did an amazing job! Kal was very professional and reasonable. His crew are early birds, but hard workers! We are very excited about our new roof! Thank you!!

Gracie C.

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Hire Us! Best and Top Mold Abatement and Fire Damage Service in Houston, TX

If you want the best in Houston, TX, reach out to Capital K Contractors. For over 40 years, we've been leaders in Fire Damage Restoration. We handle everything, from repairing structures to clearing out soot and getting rid of that lingering smoke smell. And when it comes to mold abatement, we act fast, clearing out any threats and ensuring you're in a safe and healthy space. Our team is equipped with the best tools and skills, ensuring top-notch results. So, for a property that feels like home again, and service that cares, choose Capital K Contractors. Get in touch with us for unparalleled assistance.